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Hello, my name is Simon. I am a 59-year-old man who lives alone in downtown Perth. I am pleased to say that I have never had to spend a night in a hospital. This is because I know how to take care of myself. When I was growing up my grandpa often used to tell me that if you eat well and exercise, you will live a long life. He died aged 95, so he must have known something. However, it was only when I became friends with a doctor, that I discovered all the other things I could do to stay healthy. I decided to start this blog to encourage others to look after their health.

What to Do If You Find That Flossing Is Simply Too Hard

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Have you ever noticed that when you go to a supermarket you will often see row after row of different types of toothpaste and a host of brushes, arranged according to whether they are soft or hard? You may have to hunt for a moment or two to come across any options to help you with your flossing. Yet if you're going to listen to a dentist, all of these tools should have equal prominence, as they're vital if you want to maintain your oral health. Why is it that some people struggle with flossing and avoid it, and why shouldn't you be one of their number?

All-Around Approach Is Important

The toothbrush is a very carefully designed tool that can be effective at getting rid of food particles and the acid that will otherwise build up and erode your enamel. However, it's not really designed for in-between the teeth, and this can be more of a danger area because plaque can form if left to its own devices. This is why flossing is vitally important, but it doesn't get as much marketing support in the dental industry.

Is It Too Hard?

Many people shy away from this, because they know that flossing can be a tricky operation. They find it difficult to get hold of each end of the floss properly and sometimes wrap it so tightly around their fingers, that they turn blue. Then, they find that all of their manual dexterity has evaded them, as they simply don't know how to engineer the floss between the teeth.

Try This Instead

Many dentists advocate that you take a different approach altogether. Instead of cutting off the circulation to your fingers, take a piece of floss and tie it at both ends so that it forms a circle. Now, you can simply a piece between two fingers of each hand, just as you would if you were grabbing hold of the steering wheel in your car. You will find it much easier now to slide a portion of the floss in between your teeth and move it up and down carefully.

Always remember to be gentle whenever you do this, and don't touch the gums where possible, as they can be very sensitive and may bleed slightly. You just need to turn the steering wheel (as it were) a little bit as you move from tooth to tooth, so that you have a fresh piece to work with.

Starting a Trend?

You should find that this operation now becomes quite simple, fairly quick, and even pleasurable, especially when you realise how much good it's doing. Perhaps if more people take up this approach, then flossing will come back into fashion and the manufacturers will start to stock up those supermarket shelves again.


10 March 2017