Understanding NDIS Continence Assessment

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In the realm of personal well-being, the concept of continence assessment may not be immediately familiar to everyone, yet for numerous individuals, it stands as a critical stride towards a life more enriched and independent. This simple act of assessment can have profound implications, not just for those directly concerned but for the broader community dedicated to supporting them. The Essence of Contingency Continence is a term often paired with the elderly, yet it extends far beyond age boundaries.

26 March 2024

A Guide On Physiotherapy

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Most people struggle with injuries and ailments that affect the functionality of their joints, muscles and ligaments. Unknown to them, they could consider physiotherapy to help restore these weak, injured or ailing body parts. So, what is physiotherapy? Below are a few things you need to know about physiotherapy.  What Is Physiotherapy?  Physiotherapy is a medical intervention that manipulates muscles, joints, tendons, and ligaments to restore their functionality, increase their range of motion and reduce pain.

18 May 2023

What Should You Do If an Elderly Parent Needs Home Care Assistance?

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When people get to a certain age, they may sometimes find it difficult to care for themselves. If you have elderly parents and have come to that realisation, you may be looking into your options to see what you can find out about home care. What factors do need to bear in mind as you consider this solution and look at potential providers? Discussing With Your Loved One  The first thing you need to do is to assess just how much care your loved one will require.

7 November 2022

Why Men's Health Clinics Are Finding So Much Success In Australia

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When it comes to health issues, you may not think about ones that are gendered. After all many major hospitals, general practitioners and specialists are unisex and open to all. However, it would be disingenuous to say that there is no need for individual clinics where people can get the specific help they need for problems relating to their sex. If you have been feeling a bit awkward about a problem and aren't sure whether you need to seek treatment or not, then here are a few common problems many men face that you can get treatment for at a men's health clinic.

14 December 2021

Why Laser Prostate Surgery Is The Way Forward For Older Men

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The prostate is a vital component, but one that can become very frustrating for men over a certain age. It can swell to quite an astounding size, causing urination to become difficult for some. For a long time, prostate removal surgery was quite a delicate process that was hard to accomplish accurately without a lot of discomfort in the patient. However, modern prostate surgery has a very unique tool that is slowly changing the process: a laser.

14 December 2021

5 Tips for Prostate Cancer Surgery Recovery

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Prostate cancer is one of the most common types of cancer. Surgery can remove part or all of the prostate to treat this disease and prevent the cancer from spreading. Here are a few tips that can help you to recover from prostate cancer surgery as quickly and comfortably as possible. 1. Keep the Catheter and Urethra Clean Most men need to use a catheter after prostate cancer surgery to allow urine to pass out of the bladder, past the prostate, and out through the penis.

22 July 2021

Why Osteopathy Can Be So Helpful For Older Australians

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As you get older, your body requires a little bit more effort when it comes to maintaining good health. That is why you visit the doctor more and try to watch what you eat more closely, in addition to taking any medication you may require. However, there are other methods of healthcare that can help naturally keep your body in better health for longer. Visiting an osteopath can be a great way for older Australians to stay independent longer and enjoy their retirement as they so deserve.

12 March 2021

Is Discussing Awkward Men's Health Issues a Problem? Consider These 4 Helpful Tips on Your Next Doctor's Appointment

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Are you suffering from a particular men's health problem and feel shy discussing it with your doctor? Indeed, not every guy will have the guts to talk about sensitive health topics with physicians. An issue like erectile dysfunction or hair loss, for instance, can be challenging to address.  Asking the right questions and understanding how to express your concerns are essential steps to finding a lasting solution. Consider the following strategies to help you open up to your doctor about your health problems:

16 October 2020

Physical And Mental Wellness Tips

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Physical, mental and spiritual wellness can significantly improve the quality of life you live. It is a sure way to be happy, appreciative and resilient to the many challenges life will throw at you. Read the excerpt below for some vital wellness tips.  Discover Yourself Life moves faster than a high-speed rocket. You will often find yourself with taxing responsibilities such as school, work and family that deprive you of "

27 May 2020

Post-exercise Muscular Pain, Joint Pain and The Importance of Massage

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There are days when you push yourself a little too hard in the gym. Often, sore and stiff muscles will result from your extra effort, as you push your body's metabolic processes to the limit. The muscles can cause discomfort as you go about your routine business. It would help if you had a good understanding of what transpires in your body when you exercise. You will be ready for the post-exercise occurrences, or better yet, have an idea of dealing with them.

21 February 2020