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Hello, my name is Simon. I am a 59-year-old man who lives alone in downtown Perth. I am pleased to say that I have never had to spend a night in a hospital. This is because I know how to take care of myself. When I was growing up my grandpa often used to tell me that if you eat well and exercise, you will live a long life. He died aged 95, so he must have known something. However, it was only when I became friends with a doctor, that I discovered all the other things I could do to stay healthy. I decided to start this blog to encourage others to look after their health.

Is Discussing Awkward Men's Health Issues a Problem? Consider These 4 Helpful Tips on Your Next Doctor's Appointment

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Are you suffering from a particular men's health problem and feel shy discussing it with your doctor? Indeed, not every guy will have the guts to talk about sensitive health topics with physicians. An issue like erectile dysfunction or hair loss, for instance, can be challenging to address. 

Asking the right questions and understanding how to express your concerns are essential steps to finding a lasting solution. Consider the following strategies to help you open up to your doctor about your health problems:

A Little Research Won't Hurt

Finding out more about your condition makes it possible to formulate the right questions to ask your physician. You'll also discover that you are not the only one suffering from a particular problem. Remember, your doctor understands most of the health issues affecting men, some of which you may be worried about disclosing.

Note Down all Pressing Concerns

Before visiting a men's health care centre for a doctor's appointment, plan the questions you need to ask in advance. The research you previously did should help you note down relevant notes on a piece of paper or your smartphone. 

The best approach will be reading these notes aloud during your doctor's appointment rather than thinking them out. This way, you won't forget any details or questions you were planning to ask. 

Form a Healthy Partnership With Your Doctor 

It's imperative to consider your doctor as a friend while finding the root cause of your health issue. Establishing a healthy relationship makes resolving your health condition easier. If you view the health practitioner as someone who'll judge you, finding a solution will be much more complicated. 

Be Open and Straightforward

Always let your doctor know in advance about your nervousness before diving into your condition's specifics. That allows the physician to break the ice when it comes to addressing your concerns. Additionally, express yourself in plain words about the symptoms of your health condition.

As the physician explain things, pay close attention and take notes. Afterwards, you can ask questions about unfamiliar terms or concepts you didn't understand. Your doctor may use anatomical diagrams or X-ray images to help you have a better understanding. 


Finally, don't suffer in silence! Silence is a common impediment to finding a solution to your health condition. When suffering silently, you don't allow an opportunity for the right people to help. Whatever the health problem, chances are your physician has a better solution to it. Therefore, the sooner you find help, the better equipped you'll be to address your male health problem. 

Talk to a men's health professional for more information.


16 October 2020