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Why Laser Prostate Surgery Is The Way Forward For Older Men

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The prostate is a vital component, but one that can become very frustrating for men over a certain age. It can swell to quite an astounding size, causing urination to become difficult for some. For a long time, prostate removal surgery was quite a delicate process that was hard to accomplish accurately without a lot of discomfort in the patient. However, modern prostate surgery has a very unique tool that is slowly changing the process: a laser. No, it is not a science-fiction component anymore, lasers can be used very effectively and safely as part of your prostate surgery, and here is why that is a good thing.

Less Invasive

Any kind of prostate surgery is going to involve a certain amount of invasion of your privacy, but when it comes to how strong and impactful that breach is, laser prostate surgery is far less impactful. Traditional methods of using a scalpel and delicate little tools might have been effective in the past, but they left quite a mark on the body and were very painful to recover from. Laser prostate surgery burns away the area that needs to be removed, and thus the area cauterizes itself quite effectively, also leading to less scarring and a quicker recovery.

Outpatient Options

Due to the fact that laser prostate surgery is so much more efficient and less harmful to the body, more and more clinics and hospitals are starting to offer it for their outpatients. That means you don't necessarily need to spend the night in recovery in the hospital, you can go in for your surgery and leave the same day. For many who don't like the idea of sleeping in a foreign environment in an uncomfortable bed, this is a major improvement on previous iterations of prostate removal or reduction surgery.

Associated Issues

Sometimes, underlying health issues can make surgical procedures more difficult, especially for older men. You want this surgery to be as low-impact as possible to maintain their health, which is why lasers provide a perfect solution. They reduce the risk of bleeding, are quite short and have virtually no chance of infection being spread from the actual tool themselves (as the tool is the laser beam itself). All of this means that even those who are at risk of potential complications are far more likely to succeed with a laser prostate procedure rather than the traditional options. 

For more information, reach out to a local clinic that does laser prostate surgery.


14 December 2021