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What Should You Do If an Elderly Parent Needs Home Care Assistance?

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When people get to a certain age, they may sometimes find it difficult to care for themselves. If you have elderly parents and have come to that realisation, you may be looking into your options to see what you can find out about home care. What factors do need to bear in mind as you consider this solution and look at potential providers?

Discussing With Your Loved One 

The first thing you need to do is to assess just how much care your loved one will require. Certainly, you will need to talk with them and hopefully get their understanding and agreement for you to move forward. Still, this can sometimes be difficult to achieve as they may be fiercely independent and may not always be willing to tell you that they cannot perform a certain task any longer. They may want to do anything they can to avoid damaging their pride, but you will need to make an assessment in any case. You will have to take into account the views of your loved one but may also need to make some assumptions of your own.

Determining Costs

You will then need to look at the cost, and residential care fees can often depend on the individual's financial position. Sometimes the situation can depend on an individual's ability to pay or a separate income assessment. The government may subsidise a number of agency services, but you will need to proceed based on your specific circumstances.

Choosing a Candidate Company

There may be several aged care service providers in your area. Just as you would with any other service, you need to assess each one. Do your research, check their background, read the testimonials and understand their approach to care. You need to know how long they've been in business and whether they are accredited, and it may be possible to speak to some of their existing clients for further peace of mind.

Getting to Know the Care Provider 

Once you have chosen the company itself, find out who they will assign to look after your loved one. See if you can generate a good rapport with them, and ideally, they can do the same with your parent. A significant amount of trust is involved here, and your main aim is to ensure everyone is happy.

Moving Forward

If you've discussed the matter with your loved one and feel ready to move ahead, get in touch with an aged home care provider in your locality for further information.

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7 November 2022