How a Chiropractor Helps Beat Knee Pain


Did you know that a chiropractor can treat much more than just back pain? Chiropractors also work with the rest of your skeletal system, such as the knees and ankles. If you are experiencing pain in your knee and you wish to avoid pain medication or surgery, visiting a chiropractor could be a great alternative. Below is a brief guide to what a chiropractor can do for a person suffering from knee pain.

21 June 2016

Advantages and disadvantages of robot assisted minimally invasive surgery

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If you are going to undergo surgery that will use fibre optic equipment that enters your body through a few small incisions, you may find that the surgeon will make use of robotic surgical equipment. This type of surgery has advantages for your doctor and for you, the patient. As with any procedure, there is also a flip side: robotic surgery has some disadvantages. Understanding robotic surgery Robotic surgery is the name given to a surgical procedure that is minimally invasive and during which the surgeon uses robot-controlled equipment to perform the procedure.

25 May 2016

Why Knowing What Makes You Sick is Good

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There have been many discussions on Medicare and more specifically the benefits of bulk billing. The issues arising include complaints that bulk billing is not as profitable as patients covering their own consultation and administration fees; however, bulk billing seems to serve another less known purpose. It has significant benefits to pathology. Pathology has to do with studying diseases — their nature, development, causes and effects. In other words, pathology deals with knowing what makes you sneeze or cough or fall ill in general.

20 May 2016

Leaving The Club: Surgical Correction For Children With Club Foot

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Of all the congenital birth defects that can complicate a child's entrance into the world, club foot is one of the least severe and the most easily treated. Non-surgical treatments to correct club feet, such as braces, splints and corrective casting, are very effective, and most children born with one or more club feet with respond well to them. However, in severe or unusual cases, this non-invasive treatments may not be enough to correct the problem, and surgical intervention may be required.

12 May 2016

Have Varicose Veins? Consider These Treatment Options

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If you have veins in your legs that are swollen and causing you discomfort, you might have varicose veins. These are caused when your veins begin to twist and swell, ultimately causing different levels of pain. You may also notice a frequency of skin sores due to the veins. Here are some different treatment options for varicose veins. Lifestyle Remedies In many cases, your doctor will first recommend making some lifestyle changes.

18 April 2016